Jan Van Eyck

I am working under a professor who teaches the method in which Jan Van Eyck painted.  I’m working on a sample to present to future classes as a teaching aid, but also here are some student work from the class I’m helping with.Beginning Stages of the underpainting

Beginning Stages of the underpainting

Painting with projector overtop

Painting with projector overtop

Student work

Student work

Student Work

Student Work

Student work

Student work

After much lag, here are some of the results (including my teaching aid).  Sorry for the long-overdueness.

From the Ghent Altarpiece- Rachel Perisho (student)

Portrait of Woman with White Headdress *actually Van der Weyden- Mary (student)

Portrait of a Man in a Turban (teaching aid)

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  1. Becca

    Ahhh! I could have used that class for my master’s copy! Dang it…

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