0-1: Zero Through One

Thank you to all that came out and/or showed support during my Thesis show!  It turned out great thanks to a lot of people.  To name a couple, my two good friends Lacy and Masumi were integral during the hanging process and spent many a late night helping me move pieces, tweaking lighting, and making sure I didn’t break my neck hanging off the half-broken ladder while installing the installation.  Bill Dawers has a wonderful space- Blankspace Gallery- that really complimented the work. My friend Mike was instrumental in helping me with signage (seen upon entry) and it looked wonderful.  At the reception, April Kelly and Clare Ward (www.myspace.com/aprilmkelly1) put on a wonderful performance with an acoustic guitar and some great vocals.  The Jepson Center for the Arts was kind enough to lend me some furniture for the reception, barring any defacement of any kind, and Jessica Keener (www.jessicakeenerphotography.com) professionally photo-documented the show while my mom and sister documented the reception.  I’m also grateful for the feedback from my Thesis committee- Laura Mosquera, Jason Hoelscher, and Natalija Mijatovic- and last but certainly not least my family  and best friend Annette for traveling from Michigan, Arkansas, and Tennessee to support me and help cater the event by cooking such a tasty spread (mostly the culinary artistry of Rebecca Brown, who happens to have an awesome craft blog listed on my blogroll) and bringing fresh apple cider allll the way from Michigan!  Without further ado, here are some pix:

Also, look for the work at the Open Art Fair at the Jepson Center for the Arts as well as a possible upcoming publication…



My work is a series of installations, paintings, and drawings based on basic perceptions of chaotic  patterns and analogous relationships.  Most of the information is taken from actual patterns formed by groups of people.  Individually, we tend towards order, but collectively, we revert back towards the chaos from which everything emerges.

The installation pieces are abstractions from these patterns which comment on ideas about referentiality and flow.  The simple forms are reminiscent of the human form, and the “1” in binary code, which breaks the world down into a series of theoretical absolutes, breaking the flow of mechanical and interpersonal continuity by masking its nature of physicality and real-time cause and effect.

The elements in the installations, drawings, and paintings are part of a material and representational continuum, or the materials acting and reacting to one another and surrounding environment.  The relationship between light and shadow also serves as a unifying element among the forms, by their relationship in the environment and the energy source that defines it.

The drawings, and paintings, with the exception of Comparison Inconclusive which is an attempt to find chaotic constants, are based on installation work.  With their simple language of object and space, light and dark, they are part of a visual rhythm within their planes of graphite and canvas.

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4 responses to “0-1: Zero Through One

  1. Great work, my friend! I’m so proud of you!!

  2. Amanda,

    Elegantly shows your works and installations.
    Blankspace transformed…Bravo.

  3. Hi, I just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know your page layout is really screwed up on the Firefox browser. Seems to work ok on IE however. Anyhow keep up the good work.

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