Modular Art (not the minimalist kind)

Welp, I am currently bumming around NYC for a month or two, taking in the sights, sounds, and plethora of art fairs/galleries/museums.  I am living in a space that is not conducive to making large-scale/medium scale pieces, so I decided to start a series I’ve wanted to play around with since my interest was first sparked in the line between decorative art/fine art. So, I have started a modular series, currently made up of 16 re-arrangeable 5×5″ ampersand boards.  I intend on making at least 3 different groups of these and then interspersing them to make a very large piece that can be displayed in both smaller and larger portions. Images to come…

Here’s the view from my apartment in Harlem via this new-fangled Instagram application

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