Update- Past, Present, Future Happenings

I have been absent from my blog for a while, but I have been busy! Since my last post, I have

-Married the best man ever, Mr. Kyle Jones (!!!) who parallels my constant love of creating things, and is an amazing artist himself.

-participated in Bricolage, Ground Floor Gallery’s annual group show of the artists working in the space curated by Janet Yanez

-been included in a wonderful group of artists for Trip{}Frisson at  40AU, curated by local artist and writer Jesse Mathison,

-had the privilege of showing with KJ Schumacher at Channel to Channel

-shown new work alongside Parker Gallery’s other represented artists in a summer exhibition

-Been the featured artist interview in an issue of my alumni magazine

-met some amazing curators such as Hrag Vartanian, and consequently been featured on Hyperallergic’s Instagram feed (eep!)

-shown at the historic Scarab Club in Detroit, MI, just feet from the D.I.A.

-created a series of plein-air miniature 6×6″ landscapes as ‘one painter’s response’ to Instagram, also gratifying my love of painting from life.

-been included in A.I.R.’s show Razzle Dazzle in Brooklyn, NY.

-created an entire new series based on abstract landscape and pattern… I will be post the entire body of work so far in this next month.  Stay tuned…

-discovered homemade kale, avocado, coconut and banana smoothies

AND NOW I am finally putting together a solo show, evolving and emerging from my fascination with the graceful and versatile nature of textile. Over the years, I have been collecting dried sheets of paint, sometimes working different colors into imperfect patterns or creating irregular linework  resulting in a kind of paint-lace.  It has been a daunting but incredibly interesting process to work with this medium, letting it function to an extent as its own support.  I’m excited to hang “Resurface”, at Ground Floor Gallery in February, a show that explores the identity and potential of the acrylic medium.


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