Originally from Fort Worth TX via Essexville MI, Amanda Joy Brown is a contemporary painter/installation artist who works out of her studio in Savannah, Georgia. Studying for a BFA in Graphic Design at Harding University, Brown became interested in painting through a required class her sophomore year.  She graduated with a BS in 2006, and applied to the MFA Painting program at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Her thesis work presents ideas about the the inability of opposite ideas to exist independently, or in extreme, pure states.  Extensive experience abroad along with research in the intertwined fields of religion philosophy, and the physicality of nature have shaped a worldview that is the inspiration for her body of work.  At an abstract level, her pieces explore intuitive and logical patterns of relational subject matter utilizing the symbolism behind the tactile and referential characteristics of the materials, ranging from yarn and electrical wire to silverpoint and oil paint.

In her crowd series, Brown explores the overwhelming information contained in a space occupied by many people at one time.  Reducing the information to a linear element, these canvases are painted very similarly to how one makes sense in the moment of a chaotic situation such as a crowd: processing a visual through the analytically-guided fluidity of paint.

Brown’s work has been exhibited internationally in Switzerland, France, and various shows in the states in locations such as North Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia. She has been honored by a portfolio scholarship at both Harding University and SCAD, the 2008 recipient of the Josh Yu scholarship, and has been published in the 2008 December Playbill at Carnegie Hall as a winner of the cover art competition.

For questions or comments about her work, emails are welcome at mandyjb18@hotmail.com

5 responses to “About

  1. Yoann et Annaëlle

    Hello Mandy!
    It’s a great website: You’re really good in your work! We hope see you soon to Paris or Toulouse! Tomorow we’ll go to Toulouse to see Julian and all familly! Sorry for my english! Big Kiss!
    On pense beaucoup à toi! Bonne chance pour les études!

  2. tamagnan

    Hi I have admired severak paintings of the artist in a small art gallery in Bonnieux (France). I really like the project, on both aspects : purely visual and amusing (paint drops become crowds) and also the philosophical aspects of it, i.e. how human configurations also obey to the same generic rules of nature (to be discussed, e.g. pupils playing in a school yard that make me thing of tree swept bythe wind, birds plyaing and quarelling etc..). refs& links with Polock, MC.Escher, Barbara Hepworth etc..
    best regards … Ph.T.

  3. bonjour,
    I am a client of Daniel Martin. I bought some of your paintings this year and i would like to have access on the different pages of your website. How to get the password?do you issue it yourself?
    I will see Daniel M. tomorrow at the Biarritz Art Show.
    merci par avance;

    • amandajoybrown

      Cher Guillaume,

      Plaisir de faire votre connaissance! At what email address can I reach you?

      Amanda Joy Brown

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